Teacher Training Institute

HAC-Haiti’s Teachers Training Institute (TTI) addresses the disastrous state of education across Haiti’s rural communities. According to UNICEF, Haiti’s youth (aged 15-24) suffers from an illiteracy rate of 74%, only 15% of teachers at the primary level have basic teacher qualifications (including university degrees), and nearly 25% have never even attended secondary school.  According to the World Bank, approximately 75% of all teachers lack adequate training; and many have just a 9th grade or 12th grade education, with no teacher training at all.

Through an intensive local professional development model and a continuing teacher education program focusing on the specific needs of educators in rural communities, HAC-Haiti’s TTI supplements the rural education of Haiti’s most vulnerable teachers with university level education training.  Past TTI workshops focusing on innovative teaching techniques, administration and organization, and psychological and social support, have successfully improved student retention rates while empowering and motivating female educators to continue their professional development and become leaders in education throughout Haiti.

By selecting educators from Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora as workshop presenters, TTI guarantees that individuals with a cultural and professional understanding of the needs of Haiti and rural educators will train the participants.  Furthermore, the most telling contribution of TTI 2013 will be the establishment of a continuing educational training site in Les Cayes.  Participants of the summer program will attend monthly meetings and workshops at this site, facilitated by HAC-Haiti sponsored local teacher unions.  TTI 2013 will also equip participants with the skills to train their colleagues, in order to bring a local professional development model and continuing teacher education program to as many teachers in Les Cayes as possible.