Digital Literacy

HAC-Haiti recently started a digital literacy and computer program to help students gain proficiency in typing, Microsoft office, and internet research. Students take classes bi-weekly with a certified and experienced instructor and IT professional. Classes help increase students employability by providing them certifications in computer proficiency and Microsoft products. Many individuals in our community do not have access to computers and have never utilized them in school. HAC-Haiti is focused on helping members of our community develop the community and gain the skills and tools needed to take themselves and their families out of poverty. The computer classes offered at HAC-Haiti’s community center are equivalent to those offered in Port au Prince and in the United States. They allow our students to compete for jobs on an international level and gain skills equivalent to computer users all over the globe. We also teach computer classes with our 6th grade, allowing them to gain digital literacy at an early age and learn long term skills that will help them in high school and University. With every new computer we try and integrate digital literacy into all of our programs, enhancing our learning models and diversifying our educational approaches.



HAC-Haiti's Institute Mixte Shalom des Freres partners with the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) program. Students have two computer classes per week with the OLPC computers where they learn basic typing skills, and play educational games. Teachers also include at least one lesson from each subject on the computers per week. Students take tests on the computers and complete homework assignments electronically to familiarize them with the digital world.