Clean Water Program

In 2012 HAC-Haiti partnered with an organization called Surge for Water

Surge is a nonprofit organization that brings life-sustaining water to those most in need, while increasing awareness of the global crisis.They work with HAC in our public health program providing clean water training for the school and clean water buckets for the community.

In the past Surge has worked with our primary school students to develop trainings around water and sanitation. Theysing songs, dance, provide learning materials in English, French, Kreyol and have previously donated 130 clean water bucketsfor our students at Ecole Shalom.

A "clean water bucket" is a commonly found 5 gallon bucket with a built in ceramic filter that sits on top of the bucket. The ceramic acts as a filtration device and purifies the water from within the bucket without having to add extra chemical purifiers. Community members are able to get water from the local pumps and groundwater and filter it at home. The water goes into the ceramic filter then drains down to the bottom of the bucket and clean purified water comes out of the spigot installed in the bucket.

It has been Surge and HAC's joint goal to get each student who attends Ecole Shalom a Clean Water Bucket for their household.