Croix Des Bouquets

HAC-Haiti’s kindergarten, primary school, and community center is located in the community of La Ferme Blanchard in Croix des Bouquets. The community has approximately 3,500 inhabitants. It is still an agrarian community and most of the families living in La Ferme make a living off of small-scale agriculture and selling fruits and vegetables in the open-air market.  Many members in the community lack access to affordable education, family size is often very large and families with 8+ children can typically only afford to send one or two children to school. The other children often stay home or are pulled out of school to help with agriculture or to sell food products and provide for their families. HAC-Haiti is actively involved in the community of La Ferme and operates all of our activities from our community center, which also serves as a safe space for the community to gather, hold meetings and address community issues. Our Volunteers sleep, eat, and work from our community center.




Volunteers visiting HAC-Haiti get the unique experience of living above HAC’s primary school and main bureau of business. Volunteers are fully immersed in Haiti’s culture by living alongside staff and being in constant communication with HAC-Haiti’s students, program participants, and the community. Volunteers are housed in semi-private rooms on the second floor of HAC’s compound.

Rooms are equip with single beds and twin sized bunk beds. All beds have fresh linens and pillows. Volunteers are asked to bring their own mosquito nets to hang above their personal space.

Volunteers are also given access to lockers to store their personal belongings and valuables. Lockers come with a labeled key and are located in a private space on the second floor of the compound within the volunteer living quarters.

Volunteers have two finished bathrooms accessible from within the living quarters. All bathrooms have running water, ledges to store soap and shampoo, sinks, and flush toilets. 




Three meals a day are provided by HAC-Haiti. Meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner and oftentimes staff members bring snacks such as local fruit or freshly made Haitian peanut butter to share with the volunteers.  All meals are Haitian cuisine but can be modified to suit the volunteer’s dietary needs.

Breakfast often includes scrambled eggs, Caribbean coffee, an assortment of local seasonal fruit such as mangos, oranges, bananas, and grapefruit, rich avocados, Haitian bread, and porridge.

Lunch ranges from soups, to spaghetti with Haitian tomato sauce, to sandwiches, fish, and chicken.

Haitian cuisine wouldn’t be complete without the traditional rice and beans, which can often be found on the dinner table at HAC. Dinners range from Frita- fried chicken, rice, beans, pikliz ( a spicy Haitian Condiment),  fried plantains, breadfruit, and potatoes, to creamy pasta salads, beat salads, vegetables, fish, and chicken in rich sauce.

A vegetarian and vegan option is provided at each meal.



Work Space


The HAC compound is equip with wi-fi Internet that can be accessed on the primary and secondary floors of the compound. Volunteers also have their own work and study spaces on the main floor, and second floor balcony of the compound located just outside the primary classrooms. The volunteer workspace has long tables to work on communal projects, benches, and chairs, and common tables where volunteers can access the Internet, process word documents, work on lesson plans, or meet with the staff. HAC also has an air-conditioned computer lab open to students and volunteers.